All Because of Me (2022)

All Because of Me (2022)

Other name: ぜんぶ、ボクのせい Zenbu, Boku no Sei All, My Fault


Yuta lives in an orphanage while waiting for her mother to pick her up. One day, Yuta, who happened to know his mother's whereabouts, escaped from the facility with all his heart. However, there was a mother who depended on her cohabiting man and lived a self-deprecating life. Despaired Yuta meets Sakamoto, a homeless man who lives in a light tiger while walking along the beach. Sakamoto accepts Yuta without asking anything. The two sleep and eat together while earning a small amount of money. Eventually, he became acquainted with Shiori, a girl who grew up in a wealthy family but had no place to live at home or school. Yuta is attracted to Shiori, who has the same loneliness as himself but is kind to him. However, the calm days end with an incident.

Director: Matsumoto Yusaku [松本優作]

Country: Japanese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; life;

Airs: Aug 11, 2022

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