All About My Mother (2021)

All About My Mother (2021)

Other name: 关于我妈的一切 關於我媽的一切 Все о моей матери


Mother Ji Peizhen (Xu Fan) is the soul of this family. She takes care of the family so well, it seems there is clones of her. The home looks orderly under her gaze, but that is not the whole truth.Ji Peizhen thinks her daughter, Li Xiaomei, is the best, however there is other side of Xiaomei while she works and lives in Beijing. Peizhen's husband, doctor Li Wengfan, has been unable to pick up the scalpel due to mistake a few years earlier. With all this, Peizhen thinks she will be able to relax after retirement... But she is diagnosed with cancer. If the mother has only four months to live, how can the family's life continue?

Director: Zhao Tian Yu [赵天宇]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Drama; Family;

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