-50kg no Cinderella (2022)

-50kg no Cinderella (2022)

Other name: -50kgのシンデレラ -50kg no Shinderera -50kg Cinderella Золушка на 50кг легче


Hime, a chubby girl, is in university and currently job hunting. During an info session at one of the companies, she accidentally gets hurt but receives help from the company’s information desk clerk, Osamu. Hime falls in love at first sight with the totally prince-like Osamu. She’d like to meet him once again and in order to accomplish this, she works hard on her diet and loses 50kg! She starts working at the same company, but even after 1 year she still hasn’t found him.

Then one day, the number one handsome man within the company and rumored son of a distinguished family transfers to Hime’s department. This turns out to be Osamu! In her brief moment of happiness at their reunion, Osamu frankly declares, “I have someone I’m interested in” and Hime loses all her courage.

However, why does Osamu do things like hugging Hime, whispering sweet words to her, and treating her special? Will Hime be kept being played by this unexpected doting love…!?

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Adapted from the manga "-50kg no Cinderella" (-50kgのシンデレラ).

Episodes: 8

Duration: 27 min.

Aired On: Friday

Original Network: Paravi;

Director: Smith [スミス]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Comedy; Manga; Romance; Workplace;

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