Zhang Zi Jian (1968)

Zhang Zi Jian (1968)

Other Name: 张子健 張子健 張子建 张子建 Чжан Цзыцзянь

Age: 56

Birthday: October, 28, 1968

Nationality: Tianjin, China

Height: 0 CM

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Zhang Zi Jian, born as Zhang Jian Xin to a family of quyi in Tianjin, is a Chinese actor, host and director. He graduated from the Performance Department of Beijing Film Academy.

At a young age of three, Zhang could recite the whole section of an allegro book. In 1972, the 4-year old Zhang made his debut as a child actor. In 1995, he gained viewers' recognition for his villain role in the wuxia drama "White Brow Hero". In 1996, his popularity rose higher after playing the lead role in the wuxia drama "Sister Gan Nineteen".

In 2008, he won Sohu TV Spring's Most Popular Actor award for "Detective Dee 3". In 2011, he won two Best Actor awards; one at the Jiangsu TV Drama Awards Ceremony and the other at the Oriental Film Channel Annual TV Awards. In 2012, he won the Weibo Annual Breakthrough Award. In 2018, he was named Best Actor at the 14th Oriental Film and TV Drama Awards Ceremony for "Jin Men Fei Ying".

His father is allegro performance artist and actor Zhang Zhi Kuan, and his ex-wife was actress Li Ting. His second marriage in 2007 is with an architect-designer Fang Yuan.

Active Years: 1995 - now

Education: Beijing Film Academy

Occupation: actor, director, presenter

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