Vin Zhang (1993)

Vin Zhang (1993)

Other Name: 张彬彬 張彬彬 장빈빈 Zhang Bin Bin Zhang Vin Вин Чжан

Age: 31

Birthday: January, 19, 1993

Nationality: Wuxi, China

Height: 183 CM

Vin Zhang is a Chinese actor born in Wuxi, Jiangsu. After graduating from the renowned Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2013, he appeared in his first role in V-Love and gained recognition. He rose to fame with his role as Han Dingyi in The Microera of Love and achieved further recognition with his supporting roles in the dramas Chronicle of Love and Just One Smile Is Very Alluring (Love O2O).

He is also a singer and has recorded songs for dramas such as Pretty Li Hui Zhen, Rattan, Song of the Moon and a Romance of the Little Forest.

In 2017, Zhang participated along with other celebrities in a public welfare environmental project that encourages the public to perform charity. He later participated in the BAZAAR Stars’ Charity Night organized by Harpers Bazaar where he donated ambulances to the public.

He left Jaywalk Studios on July 12, 2022 after 10 years. In his announcement, he said he plans to continue perform in projects in the future. The next day, on July 13, 2022, he opened his own studio and made his first Weibo post in "Zhang Binbin's official studio."

Zhang Binbin is also a near-professional e-sport player. In December 2021, he started his own e-sport team.

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