Yue Yun Peng (1985)

Yue Yun Peng (1985)

Other Name: 岳云鹏 岳龙刚 岳雲鵬 Yue Long Gang Юэ Юньпэн

Age: 39

Birthday: April, 15, 1985

Nationality: Nanle County, Puyang, China

Height: 170 CM

Zodiac sign: Aries

Yue Yunpeng, birthname Yue Longgang, was born in Henan on April 15, 1985. He is a crosstalk (xiangsheng) actor and film actor in Mainland China. In 2004, he followed Guo Degang as his teacher, focusing on cross talk, Taiping lyrics, and bamboo boards. In 2005, he made his debut on stage.

In 2014, he is known to perform in a funny sketch, "Disturbed You" during the 2014 Spring Festival. In 2015, he performed a famous crosstalk, with his partner Sun Yue, "I Can't Bear It". In 2016, he released his song "The Song Of Fifth Ring" with MC Hotdog.

His best achievements are being on the CCTV Chinese Spring Festival for 2 consecutive years and the "Funny Comedian Season 2" championship.

Active Years: 2010 - now

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