Yalkun Merxat (1991)

Yalkun Merxat (1991)

Other Name: مېرشات يالقۇن 米热 米热夏提·亚里坤 Merxat Yalkun Mi Re Mirexiati Yalikun Mershat Alqun Mershat Alkun Mershat Yalqun

Age: 33

Birthday: July, 20, 1991

Nationality: China

Height: 179 CM

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Merxat Yalkun, better known as Mi Re, is a Chinese actor of Uyghur ethnicity born in Urumqi, Xinjiang. He aspired to act from an early age, entering the Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2010, majoring in acting. Merxat began his career as a fashion model at age 22 when he entered the Asian Sportsman Contest and emerged as the top 10. Following this, he signed with the agency Yu Zheng Studio.

In 2014, Merxat changed his Chinese name from Mi Re Xia Ti to Mi Re.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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