Woo Ji Hyeon (1986)

Woo Ji Hyeon (1986)

Other Name: 우지현 Woo Ji Hyun

Age: 38

Birthday: June, 03, 1986

Nationality: Busan, South Korea

Height: 0 CM

Woo Ji Hyeon is a South Korean actor. He is known for his roles in dramas such as Search: WWW, A Piece of Your Mind, and Mouse. He gained recognition for his roles in films, including Autumn, Autumn, A Winter’s Night, I Can Speak, and more.

Before, Woo Ji Hyun had no idea what he would do after high school. Being an avid movie fan, he would visit the video rental store every day, pick a film at random, watch it as soon as he reached home, and return it the next day. It was therefore only natural that one day, he considered working in a field related to films.

Although he was dreaming of being an actor, he felt it was an unreasonable goal for someone like him who grew up far from the capital city and only graduated from an all-boys high school. And yet, he was admitted to the dramatics and film school of Hanyang University, in Seoul, on the sole basis of his academic results.

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