Stephen Wong (1978)

Stephen Wong (1978)

Other Name: 黃嘉樂 黄嘉乐 Wong Ka Lok Wong Stephen Вонг Ка-Лок

Age: 46

Birthday: December, 14, 1978

Nationality: British Hong Kong

Height: 182 CM

Stephen Wong Ka-Lok is a Hong Kong actor working for TVB. Prior to joining TVB, Wong wanted to be a customs officer. Wong went on to work in a telecommunication company. He possessed a very good learning attitude and was seen as a very down-to-earth person.[citation needed] During his stint in the telecommunication company, he has constantly been on the look out for opportunity to take up study courses offered by the company, in the quest of upgrading himself.[citation needed] However, as he has only been working there for two years at that time, he was not entitled for such privilege. Wong went to the Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) Station to perform inspection on its telephone systems, he was approached by a personnel of the acting division. Asked if he is interested in being an actor, Wong first thought was how tough life as an artist would be (he has been on modelling jobs at that time and so had some ideas of such a lifestyle). However, he has some time for consideration and only made his decision after seeking advice from friends and family. Upon casting, he joined the 17th TVB Acting Class.

Active Years: 1998 - now

Occupation: actor

(Source: Wikipedia)

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