Watanabe Dai (1984)

Watanabe Dai (1984)

Other Name: 渡辺大 渡邊大 渡边大 わたなべ だい Dai Watanabe Ватанабэ, Даи

Age: 40

Birthday: August, 01, 1984

Nationality: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Height: 185 CM

Zodiac sign: Leo

Dai Watanabe is a Japanese actor, known for Haudo romanchikkau (2011), Shirubau Kamen (2006) and Chiri tsubaki (2018).

Though he rarely acknowledges the fact in public, Dai Watanabe is the son of Ken Watanabe: arguably Japan’s most internationally known actor since Toshiro Mifune. Among Japanese media, the fact is common knowledge, though, in interviews with Watanabe junior, the subject is often off-limits. He also has a younger sister Anne Watanabe who is an actress too.

Dai Watanabe has intentionally carved out an acting career different from his father’s and has worked hard to establish his own identity ever since his 2002 debut: a period drama in which he appeared alongside his father. (JapanTimes)

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