Cici Wang (1992)

Cici Wang (1992)

Other Name: 王紫璇 Wang Zi Xuan Wang Cici

Age: 32

Birthday: November, 12, 1992

Nationality: Xichang, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, China

Height: 172 CM

Wang Zi Xuan was born in Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province. She graduated from the Central Academy of Drama and is an actress in mainland China. In 2015, Wang Zi Xuan starred in her personal screen debut "Men's Gangs and Friends" and debuted. In June, she starred in the campus comedy movie "The Ark Of Mr. Chow". In July 2016, she starred in the urban emotional drama "So Young". In July, she starred in the costume drama "Royal Highness". In July 2017, she starred in the legendary drama "Tienstic Mystic"; in December, Wang Zi Xuan won the "18 Years of Drama Newcomer" award and the "Super Net of the Year" award for the 2018 iQiyi Scream Night.

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