Vanessa Wang (1991)

Vanessa Wang (1991)

Other Name: 王祉萱 王伊瑶 王伊瑤 王淼 Wang Miao Wang Zhi Xuan Scarlett Wang Wang Scarlett Wang Vanessa

Age: 33

Birthday: June, 30, 1991

Nationality: China

Height: 170 CM

Wang Yi Yao, born in Daxing'anling of Heilongjiang Province, is a Chinese actress and model, formerly known as Wang Zhi Xuan. In 2010, she was discovered by photographers and has since then began her career as a graphic model and became a CVTV star model.

In 2013, she made her acting debut in the movie "The Fox Lover". In 2014, she received more attention from her role in the campus comedy drama "Super Teacher".

In 2021, she was named the "Influential Actor of the Year" at the 3rd China Internet Movie Week.

(Source: Baidu Baike)

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