Ueto Aya (1985)

Ueto Aya (1985)

Other Name: 上戸彩 うえと あや 우에토 아야 上戶彩 上户彩 Aya Ueto Ая Уэто আয়া উয়েটো

Age: 39

Birthday: September, 14, 1985

Nationality: Nerima, Tokyo, Japan

Height: 162 CM

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Aya Ueto received her first break in August 1997, when, at the age of 11, she won the Special Jury Prize at the 7th All-Japan Bishoujo Contest. After this initial success, she tried her hand at both acting and singing, appearing in various minor TV drama roles, as well as a low-budget action movie, and formed a short-lived pop quartet, "Z-1", with other winners of the Bishoujo Contest.

After her passionate portrayal of a high school student with Gender Identity Disorder in the 6th series of the long-running classroom drama Kinpachi sensei, "3-nen B-Gumi Kinpachi Sensei 6" (2001), endeared her to the Japanese nation, she was able to pursue a solo music career with her first single, "Pureness", released in August 2002. It was this performance that also convinced cult movie director Ryohei Kitamura to cast her in the title role of Azumi (2003).

With the film's release date coinciding with the sale of her debut album "AYAUETO" in the spring of 2003, Aya was set for super-stardom. Her famous smile has since earned her increasing numbers of commercial contracts and magazine covers - all-important exposure for any idol - combined with starring roles in a number of popular television dramas have meant she is rarely out of the limelight and has cemented her position as one of Japan's top entertainers.

She has been married to Hiroyuki Igarashi (HIRO of EXILE) since September 14, 2012. Their first daughter was born on August 19, 2015. On July 27, 2019, the birth of their second child, a boy, was announced. On Jun 23, 2023, the birth of their third child, a boy, was announced.

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