Tu Men (1960)

Tu Men (1960)

Other Name: 涂們 涂们 涂門 涂门 투먼 배우 トゥ・メン Ту Мэнь

Age: 64

Birthday: February, 16, 1960

Nationality: China

Height: 175 CM

Tu Men was an actor and director in Mainland China, known for "Hulunbuir City" (2019), "Old Beast" (2017) and "Genghis Khan" (1998). He was born in Hailar District, Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia.


1999 Golden Phoenix Awards ceremony; Won the Performance Society Award for "Genghis Khan"

2017 The 54th Golden Horse Awards; Won Best Actor for "Old Beast" and also in 2017 the China Film Directors Association Annual Commendation Awards; Won Actor of the Year Award.

After the awards ceremony for "Old Beast" Tu Men was asked about the feeling and dedication of being an actor, and said that "entering and figuring out the role is a very painful process; investing in and withdrawing from the role is a life-and-death process".

In November 2021, Tu Men was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in Beijing. After the treatment was ineffective, he returned to Hulunbuir and died in the early morning of December 12, 2021.

Active years: 1989 - 2022

Died: December 12, 2021

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