Alek Teeradetch Metawarayut (1989)

Alek Teeradetch Metawarayut (1989)

Other Name: อาเล็ก ธีรเดช เมธาวรายุทธ Alek Teeradetch Metavarayuth Lek Teeradetch Metavarayuth Alek Tereradetch Metavarayuth Alek Thindet Methaorayuthot Алек Тирадет Метаварают

Age: 35

Birthday: September, 15, 1989

Nationality: Bangkok, Thailand

Height: 182 CM

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Alek Teeradetch Metawarayut, nicknamed Alek is an actor on Channel 3.

Early life

Alek is the second son of the family. He has 3 siblings, 1 brother, and 1 sister. He graduated high school from Assumption College and then from graduated Faculty of Sports Science at Chulalongkorn University with second class honors. His nickname was originally given to him by his father as Alex, from the name Alexander. But because his family is Thai people of Chinese descent, his father said, "I'm afraid that it might not be suitable for the English name." Therefore, his father changed his mind and use the name Alek instead.


Started into the industry by shooting commercials and music videos. He became known from the movie "Crazy Crying Lady" starred Araya A. Hargate, then he has many other works following. Alek signed under Channel 3. In 2015, he was nominated for a Golden Television Award in the category of Best Supporting Actor in the drama Sapai Jao (2015) for the role of "Khun Chai Lek”.

Alek is currently dating model and actor Bow Maylada Susri.

Active Years: 2012 - now

Education: Chulalongkorn University

Occupation: Actor; YouTuber

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