Tanaka Yuko (1955)

Tanaka Yuko (1955)

Other Name: 田中裕子 澤田裕子 たなか ゆうこ さわだ ひろこ 타나카 유코 Yuko Tanaka Tanaka Yuuko Yuuko Tanaka Юко Танака ยูโกะ ทะนะกะ

Age: 69

Birthday: April, 29, 1955

Nationality: Ikeda, Osaka, Japan

Height: 160 CM

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Tanaka Yuuko is a Japanese actress. Her supporting role in the 1981 film Eijanaika won her several awards including Best Supporting Actress at the 1983 Yokohama Film Festival. Tanaka became popular after appearing in the serial drama Oshin (1983–84). She was the Japanese voice of "Lady Eboshi" in Princess Mononoke (1997), and was given the Best Actress prize at the 2006 Yokohama Film Festival. She also won the award for best actress at the 30th Hochi Film Award for Hibi and The Milkwoman. She is married to Japanese pop icon Kenji Sawada, former lead singer of the Tigers.

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