Suzuki Keiichi (1951)

Suzuki Keiichi (1951)

Other Name: 鈴木慶一 すずき けいいち 铃木庆一 스즈키 케이이치 Keiichi Suzuki Кэйити Судзуки كيتشي سوزوكي

Age: 73

Birthday: August, 28, 1951

Nationality: Haneda, Ōta, Tokyo, Japan

Height: 0 CM

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Suzuki Keiichi is a Japanese musician born in Haneda, Tokyo. He began his music career from around 1970, joining various sessions. In 1972, formed rock band Hachimitsu Pie ("honey pie"). An active pioneer of rock music expressed in the Japanese language,Keiichi Suzuki has performed countless live concerts and made dozens of recordings, both as a band member and as a solo musician.

Hachimitsu Pie, following release of album Sentimental Doori("sentimental street") in 1974, disbanded.

Formed band the Moonriders in 1975 with Hachimitsu Pie members joined by other musicians including his younger brother Hirobumi Suzuki.

Ever since debuting in 1976 with album Hinotama Boy ("fireball boy"), the Moonriders have continued to release works which were always half a step ahead of the times. They are nearing their 30th anniversary.

Alongside his activities as a member of the Moonriders, Keiichi Suzuki has from the mid-70s composed numerous songs for performers of every genre from teen idols to "enka" (Japanese blues) singers,together with countless commercial jingles, leaving a huge influence on the Japanese music scene and music lovers.

His music for the Nintendo videogames "Mother" and "Mother 2" has continued to win enthusiastic support from a great number of fans, years after their release; the soundtrack was remastered and re-released in 2003.

In addition to his solo activities, Keiichi Suzuki also has released albums in collaboration with other artists, including, The Beatniks, a unit formed with ex-YMO(Yellow Magic Orchestra) member Yukihiro Takahashi, and The Suzuki, a unit with his younger brother Hirobumi Suzuki.

In 1994, Satellite Serenade, a track from his solo album Suzuki White Report, remixed by Alex Paterson of The Orb, climbed to 8th on the U.K's Melody Maker magazine indies chart.

The music he composed in 1995 for videogame Real Sound was recorded at the Abbey Road Studios in London with musicians including ex-XTC guitarist David Gregory.

Keiichi Suzuki's wide-ranging activities outside of music include appearances in TV dramas and contributions to magazines.

In 2002, he started his own label, Run, Rabbit, Run Records - where he continues to play a leading role - and released CD Three Blind Moses.

His music for the movie Zatoichi (directed by Takeshi Kitano) won him the Best Music Award in the 2003 Japan Academy Awards.

Active Years: 1970 - now

Education: Tokyo Metropolitan Tsubasa Sogo Senior High School


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