Suam Sukhapat Lohwacharin (1985)

Suam Sukhapat Lohwacharin (1985)

Other Name: สุขพัฒน์ โล่ห์วัชรินทร์ Sukhapat Lohwacharin Sukkaphat Lohwatcharin

Age: 39

Birthday: August, 07, 1985

Nationality: Thailand

Height: 0 CM

Sukhapat Lohwacharin, nicknamed Suam, is a Thai actor, screenwriter and host.He graduated from the Bodindecha School (Sing Singhaseni) with a bachelor's degree. Faculty of Communication Arts Major film and stills Chulalongkorn University And a master's degree in East 15 Acting School (UK) University of Essexl in England.

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