Num Sornram Theappitak (1973)

Num Sornram Theappitak (1973)

Other Name: หนุ่ม ศรราม เทพพิทักษ์ Sornram Theppitak Sornram Theappitak Num Sornram Sornram Tappituk Sornram Teppitak

Age: 51

Birthday: August, 22, 1973

Nationality: Bangkok, Thailand

Height: 0 CM

"Num" Sornram Theappitak is an actor, pop singer, model, screenwriter, film director, and footballer. He has a bachelor's degree from Ramkhamhaeng University's Faculty of Political Science. From 2000-2002, he served in the Royal Thai Army. His father Chumphon Thepphithak was also a well-known actor and director.

Num began his career in 1992, often starring opposite "Kob" Suvanant Kongying. The two were a very famous pairing for many years. In his prime, Num was the highest-paid actor in dramas. He has been nominated or won several awards in his long career, including a Mekhala Award for Best Actor, for Outstanding Performance, and as Popular Actor, among others. He released his first album in 1994.

Num married "Tik" Kanissarin Patcharapakdeechot (Tik Big Brother) in 2018 and they divorced two years later. Together, they have one daughter.

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