Song Eun Yi (1973)

Song Eun Yi (1973)

Other Name: 송은이 宋恩伊

Age: 51

Birthday: January, 04, 1973

Nationality: Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Height: 154 CM

Song first made her debut in the South Korean entertainment industry in 1993, as a KBS comedian.

In 2016, Song and fellow comedian Kim Sook published a book together, based on their podcast, Keeping Secrets (비밀보장). In the same year, Song became the CEO of CONTENTS LAB VIVO (Hangul: 컨텐츠랩비보), a production company that creates internet-based content, as well as aiding Kim Jun Ho organise the Busan International Comedy Festival.

Song's production company has produced multiple web-based shows and podcasts including Keeping Secrets, The King of Shopping and Kim Saeng Min's Receipt, as well as producing the group, Celeb Five (Hangul: 셀럽파이브), which Song is also a part of.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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