Son Seok Koo (1983)

Son Seok Koo (1983)

Other Name: 손석구 孫錫久 ソン・ソック Son Seok Goo Son Suk Koo Son Suk Goo Сон Сок Гу ซน ซ็อก-กู

Age: 41

Birthday: February, 07, 1983

Nationality: Taepyeong-dong, Daejeon, South Korea

Height: 178 CM

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Son Seok Koo is an actor for theatre, television and film as well as an art director and short film director now working under SBD Entertainment.

After graduating from Methodica Acting Studio for Film & Theater (transferred to Vancouver Institute of Media Arts), he returned to his hometown where he secured minor theatre roles and managed to land lead roles in indie films. In 2014, he became art director and stage actor, rewriting scripts for the 5th stage play "Love is Burning" adapted from Sam Shepard's "Fool for Love." From there, he made his drama debut when he was recruited for Netflix's second season of "Sense8" in 2017. He made his directorial debut for a segment of the anthology 2021 film "Unframed: Rebroadcast."

In 2022, he took a villainous role in the sequel "The Outlaws: The Roundup" which drew more than 12 million moviegoers domestically in the post-COViD 19 pandemic era. He was subsequently awarded Best New Actor at the 42nd Korean Association of Film Critic Awards and Best Actor for Brand of The Year Awards 2022.

(Source: Krystale Mitaesa)

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