Jum Uthumporn Silaphan (1957)

Jum Uthumporn Silaphan (1957)

Other Name: จุ๋ม อุทุมพร ศิลาพันธ์ Silaphan Uthumporn Utumporn Silapran

Age: 67

Birthday: November, 01, 1957

Nationality: Thailand

Height: 0 CM

Uthumporn Silaphan, nicknamed Jum, is a Thai actress. She first began working by appearing in the television drama Keaw Noppakao in 1976. After playing the heroine for many years she later transitioned to play the villain and some of the starring roles. Currently still continuing to receive theatrical work, she mainly plays the role of a mother.

Uthumporn was married to Thierry Mekwattana, a singer of the Carabao band. They have been together for more than 17 years, and brought up two children together: Jane Mekhala (daughter) and the singer and actor Meg Mekwattana (son). The couple eventually got divorced and Uthumporn later remarried l in 2010 to Ae Siriorn Aramwit, an outgoing tomboy businesswoman and publisher who is 12 years younger.

Uthumporn said opened up about her marriage in 2012, by stating, 'I've been married for almost two years. I got married in New Zealand because the law of Thailand don't allow same genders to get married. It was all done within three days. The documents got signed successfully and all the legal ceremonies were completed. It's like in a western movie.'

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