Shirakawa Kazuko (1947)

Shirakawa Kazuko (1947)

Other Name: 白川和子 しらかわ かずこ Kazuko Shirakawa Сиракава, Кадзуко

Age: 77

Birthday: September, 30, 1947

Nationality: Nagasaki, Japan

Height: 158 CM

Zodiac sign: Libra

Shirakawa Kazuko is a Japanese actress who is best known for her appearances in Nikkatsu's Roman Porno films during the 1970s. She appeared in Nikkatsu's first film in the Roman Porno series, Apartment Wife (1971), and is considered the first of the three "Nikkatsu Queens" of the 1970s. After 1976 she embarked on a successful career in mainstream film.

Shirakawa was born in Nagasaki, on Japan's southernmost main island of Kyushu. She debuted in pink films in 1967, at first working in supporting roles. Though her early performances in films such as Nihon Cinema's Technique of Fainting have been called "green," she still overshadowed the nominal star of the movie. It was in her films for independent studios in the late 1960s that Shirakawa established her on-screen character as that of a "naive whore." The naivete was not entirely an act, since, in an interview for Book Cinematheque, Shirakawa admitted that she was a virgin until after her debut for Nikkatsu in 1971.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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