Shin Seong Rok (1982)

Shin Seong Rok (1982)

Other Name: 신성록 Sin Seong Rok Shin Sung Rok Sin Sung Rok

Age: 42

Birthday: November, 23, 1982

Nationality: South Korea

Height: 185 CM

Shin Sung Rok is a South Korean actor managed by Sangyoung Entertainment. He was previously under HB Entertainment until September 2021 when his contract expired. He frequently appears in films and television series but is better known and active in musical theater. He is considered one of Korea’s top musical theater stars, drawing audiences from all over Asia. Shin has a younger brother, Shin Jae Rok, who is a chef by profession. Both of them appeared on July 30, 2015, KBS talk-show "Happy Together".

His most popular drama yet was My Love from the Star (2013), in which he appeared as a villainous businessman.

Despite branching out to film and television, he has maintained that his heart will always belong to the stage, and has stated, "I feel more affection toward the stage. I think it is the stage where actors learn life and understand the meaning of acting. It is where I learned how to act and where I gained confidence. I think the core of my life will remain on the stage"

Shin began dating ballerina Kim Joo Won in 2011. Kim was a principal dancer with the Korea National Ballet for 15 years from 1988 to 2003 and currently teaches at Sungshin Women's University. The pair broke up after four years of dating in August 2015. In June 2016, Shin married a non-celebrity office worker in Hawaii. In November the same year, Shin became a father to a baby girl.

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