Sahel Rosa (1985)

Sahel Rosa (1985)

Other Name: ساحل روزا サヘル・ローズ サヘル ローズ

Age: 39

Birthday: October, 21, 1985

Nationality: Kurdistan, Iran

Height: 0 CM

Zodiac sign: Libra

Rosa Sahel is an Iranian-born Japan-based entertainer, actress, and model.

When Sahel Rosa was about four years old her home was destroyed in an air raid killing her parents and 10 older siblings. Yet, miraculously, Sahel survived for four days buried beneath the rubble until her hand was discovered sticking up beside a blue flower by a 23-year-old volunteer nurse, Flora Jasmine. Against the wishes of her family, Flora decided to adopt Sahel and move to Japan with her Japanese fiance and their new adopted daughter.

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