Rung Runglawan Thonahongsa (1979)

Rung Runglawan Thonahongsa (1979)

Other Name: รุ้ง รุ้งลาวัณย์ โทนะหงษา

Age: 45

Birthday: May, 30, 1979

Nationality: Thailand

Height: 0 CM

Zodiac sign: Gemini

"Rung" Runglawan Thonahonsa is an actor famous throughout Thailand for her portrayl of Nu Hin (หนูหิ่น), meaning Rock Rat, a figure of popular Thai comics which was brought to the screen in the 2006 Thai film "Nu Hin: The Movie" (หนูหิ่น เดอะ มูฟวี่). Runglawan received the Thailand National Film Association Award for her role in the movie, as well as two Bangkok Critics Association Awards.

Created in the early 1990s by Thai cartoonist Padung Kraisri, Nu Hin was a character previously well known by Thai audiences: a young and cheeky girl wearing a bob cut, dressed in the traditional daily outfit of rural Isan and speaking in the language of local females from lower-class background. Her witty and down-to-earth ways and happy-go-lucky attitude easily lead to comical situations whenever and wherever she interacts with more sophisticated people while working as a housemaid in Bangkok. Well-loved by audiences, Runglawan Thonahongsa is regularly involved in charity work.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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