Ririka (1995)

Ririka (1995)

Other Name: 里々佳

Age: 29

Birthday: March, 11, 1995

Nationality: Kagoshima, Japan

Height: 159 CM

Ririka was born in Kagoshima. With a dream of becoming a company president, she went to a prestigious high school in Kagoshima. After moving to Tokyo for college, she was scouted in Omotesando and entered the entertainment world. For a time, she was a gravure idol before becoming a model in women's fashion magazines and hair catalogues.

In 2015, she released her first image video. She began making regular appearances on the variety TV program "Jisedai Idol Hakkutsu Variety". She began making stage appearances and was with female idol group, "Hajirai Rescue JPN", until March 2019, when they were disbanded. She made her first drama appearance in the 2020 special "First Love".

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