Qi Huan (1979)

Qi Huan (1979)

Other Name: 齊歡 齐欢 齐襄 齊襄 Ци Хуань

Age: 45

Birthday: April, 12, 1979

Nationality: China

Height: 167 CM

Zodiac sign: Aries

Qi Xiang, born in Jilin Province, is a Chinese actress, formerly known as Qi Huan. When she was a child, she could not write well. So her parents changed her original name "Xiang" to "Huan" with fewer strokes. At a very young age, she was admitted to a drama school and became the first female Peking Opera student at the Chinese Academy of Drama. With her love for performing, she successfully admitted to the PLA Academy of Arts. Four years later with excellent results, she entered the Chinese People's Liberation Army Beijing Military Region Comrade-in-Arms Repertory Troupe and became a military literary and art worker.

Following her graduation from the Chinese Opera Academy and the People's Liberation Army Art Academy, she made her debut in the 2001 romcom TV series "A Little Sunshine Will Be Bright".

In 2006, she had her first lead role in the TV series "Romantic Life" which won the "New Weekly China TV Program List Most Pure Temperament TV Series".

In 2009, her representative work in the historical war film "The Secret of China" won two awards, namely "First Prize of the 9th All Army Art Show Drama Repertoire" and "Second Prize of Drama Performance of the 9th All-Army Art Show".

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