Prem Warut Chawalitrujiwong (1998)

Prem Warut Chawalitrujiwong (1998)

Other Name: เปรม วรุศ ชวลิตรุจิวงษ์ Prem Warus Chawalitujiwong Прем Варут Чавалитрутивон

Age: 26

Birthday: March, 08, 1998

Nationality: Thailand

Height: 179 CM

Prem Warut Chawalitrujiwong is an actor and a student at the Kasetsart Univerisity, in the faculty of Economics. He initially wanted to become a professional golf player and even was a regional gold champion in the "Youth under 18" category at TGA matches. He wanted to follow in Tiger Woods' footsteps but later gave up on his dream. However, he didn't stop playing golf.

Prem cited Tor Thanapob Leeluttanakajorn as the reason he entered the entertainment industry since he grew up watching Hormones: The Series.

Prem made his debut in the entertainment industry at the 2017 Pop Da'vance. He rose to prominence after portraying Team with his first Thai drama Until We Meet Again: The Series.

In November 2022, his contract with Starlatiz Co. Ltd expired and he didn't renew it.

Weight: 65kg

(Source: DramaFandom)

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