Mote Pramote Seangsorn (1974)

Mote Pramote Seangsorn (1974)

Other Name: โมทย์ ปราโมทย์ แสงศร

Age: 50

Birthday: December, 11, 1974

Nationality: Thailand

Height: 0 CM

Pramote Sangsorn is a Thai singer, model and actor. He began to enter the industry from the persuasion of Pote Anon, he was known for his performance in the movie Rolling before his father taught him and also released a solo album under RS ​​Pro. Motiong.

He graduated at the Faculty of Mass Communication Sripatum from University Akadakarn. The first film was performed at the age of 16, with the same cast of actors, such as Sornram. [2] It is about rolling before you teach. He's a junior who's been hit in the head by a senior and admitted to hospital. Other well-known works such as Sasaw frustration (1992), Cracked 4 Love, Greedy, Angry, Bad (1999), Ghost three Baht (1991)

In 1996, Pramote Sangsorn released his first and only album, Mote, with his titled Song, Waite, Vibrating, which was released with R.S.

Between 2002 and 2006, he began turning his back on the actor's life. In 2006, he had a short film, Tsu, one of the short film projects tsunami, and a short film in his most international travel series. In addition He also made some indie music videos.

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