Park Seong On (2010)

Park Seong On (2010)

Other Name: 박성온 Park Sung On

Age: 14

Birthday: September, 11, 2010

Nationality: South Korea

Height: 0 CM

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Park Sung On is a South Korean trot singer. He is attending Namchang Middle School. In 2020, he began watching "Mr. Trot" and fell in love with the music, so he later entered the 12th Korea Youth Trot Song Festival and won 1st place. In 2021, he auditioned for "Voice King" and as labeled as a trot prodigy by the judges. In 2022, he won the Excellence Award in the Ulsan regionals of the show "Korea Sings" but the biggest surprise came later that year when participated in the show "Hidden Singer 7" as an impersonator of trot queen Song Ga In. He ended winning the episode over her idol and later the pair went on to win the King of Kings Challenge to end the season. He then entered "Mr. Trot 2" and finished in 7th place.

(Source: Korean = Namu Wiki)

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