Pang Pornphatchanok Mitchai (1994)

Pang Pornphatchanok Mitchai (1994)

Other Name: พรภัสร์ชนก มิตรชัย Pang Pornphatchanok Somboon Пэн Понпхатчанок Сомбун

Age: 30

Birthday: October, 05, 1994

Nationality: Thailand

Height: 0 CM

Daughter of famous Thai Likay star "A" Chaiya Mitchai. Chaiya kept his family a secret for over 20 years.

"A, who on successive days this month disclosed he has a daughter, "Pang" Pornphatchanok Somboon, 24, and son, "Champ" Chutiphan Somboon, 22, was forced to come forward after a reporter asked him about persistent rumours he had a secret family.

He said he didn't want to keep the news from the public but did not see the need to share what was a private matter anyway.

He said both his children have performed likay with him on stage, and his long-term fans knew they were part of the same family. "I have tried to bring them into the open many times, but it never seemed right," he said."

(Source: BangkokPost)

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