Ohgo Suzuka (1993)

Ohgo Suzuka (1993)

Other Name: 大後寿々花 おおご すずか Suzuka Ohgo

Age: 31

Birthday: August, 05, 1993

Nationality: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Height: 160 CM

Ohgo Suzuka, born in Zama, Kanagawa, is a Japanese child actress managed by CATAMARAN. Ohgo began acting in 2000 when she joined the theatrical company Sunflower (Himawari). She debuted with the company at the Meiji-za in Story of a National Thief.

In early 2005, Ohgo debuted in her first major film, Kita No Zeronen, (A.K.A: Year One in the North). In December 2005, she debuted in Hollywood with Memoirs of a Geisha, where she played the child version of the main protagonist Nitta Sayuri. During the same year, she also won the Japan Film Critics Award for Best Newcomer.

In 2008, she began lending her voice to anime in Michiko to Hatchin as Hana (A.K.A: "Hatchin").

(Source: Wikipedia)

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