Noh Joo Hyeon (1946)

Noh Joo Hyeon (1946)

Other Name: 노주현 노운영 盧宙鉉 ノ・ジュヒョン Noh Joo Hyun No Joo Hyeon No Joo Hyun Noh Woon Yeong Noh Woon Young نوه چو هيون

Age: 78

Birthday: August, 19, 1946

Nationality: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 174 CM

Noh Woon Young, known by his stage name Noh Joo Hyun, is a South Korean actor. He is the youngest of three siblings and during his childhood, his father passed away during the Korean War so he was raised by his single mother. He graduated from Baejae High School and later obtained a bachelor's degree in Theatrical and Film Studies from Hanyang University. He made his debut in 1967 as part of the 5th open recruitment for actors at TBC. He dominated the acting industry in the 1970s as TBC aired more TV dramas compared to KBS and MBC. In the 1980s and 1990s he usually portrayed high-ranking roles so it came as a surprise when he accepted a role in the 2000 sitcom "You Can't Stop Them" as his role was compared to cartoon character Homer Simpson, which earned him a lot of teenager fans. In 2009, he made frequent appearances in "Invincible Youth", an entertainment program about experiencing rural life. In a first for TV shows, he was often joined by female idol stars. The show became highly popular among middle-aged and older viewers because of the concept of putting a former youth star like him, in the countryside with idols who were almost like his daughters or granddaughters. After several years without roles, he was selected for the TV Chosun's drama "Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce)" but his appearances have diminished considerably due to his age and the apparent lack of suitable roles for him.

(Source: Korean = Namu Wiki)

Education: Hanyang University

Occupation: Actor;

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