Meng En (1995)

Meng En (1995)

Other Name: 蒙恩 ZERO-G蒙恩 孫蒙恩 孙蒙恩 牛蒙恩 Niu Meng En Meng A Moon А-Мун

Age: 29

Birthday: August, 12, 1995

Nationality: China

Height: 186 CM

Meng En (also known as A-Moon) is a Chinese singer-actor and a member of boy group ZERO-G. He was born in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province and graduated from Jiangsu Normal University. He underwent a year of secret training and became a trainee through the White Department cultural selection. In January 2016, Meng En released the first EP "Zero Gravity" with ZERO-G group. On January 12, he joined the boy group ZERO-G as the captain and made his official debut in the music scene. His acting stint began in 2017 with his first youth idol drama "Advance Bravely".

Active Years: 2015 - now

Weight: 63kg

Occupation: actor

(Source: Baidu, manmankan, kulemi)

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