Marco Chen (1979)

Marco Chen (1979)

Other Name: 陈震 陳震 陈松桦 Chen Song Hua Chen Zhen Chen Marco

Age: 45

Birthday: August, 30, 1979

Nationality: Taiwan

Height: 0 CM

Chen Song Hua was a budding actor in Taiwan when the car he was traveling with a filming crew was involved in a fatal crash in November 2007. The film director and artist director both died on the spot and Chen suffered serious spine fractures.

Doctors' prognosis was that he could be physically impaired for life. However Chen refused to give up his dream of acting and for the next several years, his daily routine was a regime of physiotherapy and exercises until he recovered.

Due to that traumatic accident, he changed his stage name to Chen 'Zhen' (literally 'shake' or 'quake' in Chinese).

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