Maeda Kentaro (1999)

Maeda Kentaro (1999)

Other Name: 前田拳太郎 まえだけんたろう Kentaro Maeda

Age: 25

Birthday: September, 06, 1999

Nationality: Saitama, Japan

Height: 182 CM

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Maeda Kentaro is a Japanese actor born in Saitama, Japan.

In 2018, while enrolled in Dokkyo University, he applied for the Junon Superboy Contest and won BEST 30, but didn't make it to the finals.

On July 1, 2021, he announced that he had been signed to LDH JAPAN after being an EXPG Tokyo student. He debuted in the special drama “Kamen Rider Revice”, where he played as Kamen Rider Revice's transformation, Igarashi Ikki.

Maeda holds a second-degree black belt in Karate, and has won several national tournaments. He is also a skilled ballroom dancer and has won competitions.

His younger sister is Maeda Kokoro, a member of the idol group BEYOOOOONDS.

Kudo Haruka, actress, and former Morning Musume member, is one of his childhood friends.

November 1, 2022, Maeda, Shiono Akihisa, and Sakurai Yuki officially become new members of Gekidan EXILE

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