Liu Mei Tong (1996)

Liu Mei Tong (1996)

Other Name: 刘美彤 劉美彤 刘玉璞 劉玉璞 Лю Мэйтун

Age: 28

Birthday: February, 13, 1996

Nationality: China

Height: 0 CM

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Liu Mei Tong is a Chinese actress and artist (who occasionally dabbles into singing too.)

She was born as Liu YuPu : 刘玉璞 (changing her name after debuting) on february 13th, 1996. She was always interested in the arts and started painting as a child.

Fresh out of high school she applied for art school, however a classmate took her to take a performance exam together, so she discovered her interest in acting that same year. the following year she signed up for a theatre training class and succesfully got admitted into Shanghai Theatre Academy, one of the top 3 performance schools in the country.

In october of 2015 Liu MeiTong as a freshman, participated in the campus documentary reality show "First Grade University Season" (一年级大学季) where she started attracting fans.

Nowadays Liu Meitong is known for her roles in "Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace", "Fights break sphere" for which she also sang for the drama's ost, "The Rookies" and her role in "Joy of Life".

Active Years: 2017 - now

Occupation: Actress;

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