Lee Jae Soo (1972)

Lee Jae Soo (1972)

Other Name: 이재수 이형석 Lee Hyeong Seok Lee Hyung Seok

Age: 52

Birthday: May, 21, 1972

Nationality: South Korea

Height: 0 CM

Lee Jae Soo is a South Korean parody singer, director and comedian. He debuted as a singer in 2001 after he frequently appeared on his cousin's (DJ and broadcaster Bae Chil Soo) podcast called "Bae Chil Soo's Music Tent" (배칠수의 음악텐트) under the concept of a tenacious but tone-deaf singer. He then made several appearances on SBS's "Saturday is Fun" (토요일은 즐거워), where he re-wrote and parodied several famous songs.

He released his 1st single album, "Combacom" (컴배콤), as a parody of Seo Tai Ji's 1995 hit "Come Back Home", which caused a legal dispute between Seo and Lee's agency. He was arrested for drug use and possession in 2007 and spent 10 months in prison with 3 years probation. He returned as an entertainment director for OBS, and, in 2013, he released a short film titled "Invitation" (초대) that was surprisingly well-received on his YouTube channel.

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