Lee Kyeong Kyoo (1960)

Lee Kyeong Kyoo (1960)

Other Name: 이경규 李敬揆 イ・ギョンギュ Lee Gyeong Kyoo Lee Kyeong Gyoo Lee Gyeong Gyoo Lee Kyung Kyu Lee Gyung Kyu Ли Гён Гю

Age: 64

Birthday: September, 21, 1960

Nationality: Busan, South Korea

Height: 170 CM

Lee Kyeong Kyoo is a South Korean actor, comedian, MC, film producer, and screenwriter. He was the highest paid entertainer on the KBS network in 2010, with earnings of ₩535 million. Lee patented his instant noodle recipe Kkokkomyeon, which he created during an amateur cooking contest in an episode of the variety show "Qualifications of Men". It became one of the top-selling products of 2011, and changed the landscape of the domestic instant noodles' market.

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