Komori Hayato (1995)

Komori Hayato (1995)

Other Name: 小森隼 コモリ ハヤト こもり はやと Hayato Komori

Age: 29

Birthday: June, 13, 1995

Nationality: Mie, Japan

Height: 176 CM

Komori Hayato is a Japanese dancer born in Mie Prefecture. He is also a member of GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE and belongs to LDH Japan. He is notably the high school junior of his fellow group mate and lead, Shirahama Alan.

He became interested in EXILE after seeing their live concert due to his mother being a fan of the group. At the same time he entered junior high, he moved to Tokyo alone. In April 2011, he auditioned from within EXPG and got selected as a candidate for GENERATIONS. In 2012, a year later, he became an official member of GENERATIONS. He graduated from high school in March 2014. In April 2014, he got rejected in the final of the "EXILE PERFORMER BATTLE AUDITION."

He belongs to the Chicago Footwork team Creation Global.

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