Kimura Keito (Fantastics from Exile Tribe) (1999)

Kimura Keito (Fantastics from Exile Tribe) (1999)

Other Name: 木村慧人 Keito Kimura

Age: 25

Birthday: August, 16, 1999

Nationality: Tokyo, Japan

Height: 0 CM

Zodiac sign: Leo

Keito is a member of a Jpop group Fantastics from Exile Tribe, managed by LDH.

He started dancing in primary school at a local studio. In elementary school he started getting serious about dancing and joined LDH's dance school EXPG in Tokyo.

His dancing talent led him to join the EXPG trainee team EXILE GENERATIONS as well as participate in EXILE's concerts as a backup dancer before making his debut in Fantastics in 2018.

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