Kim Soo Yeong (1987)

Kim Soo Yeong (1987)

Other Name: 김수영 Gim Soo Yeong Kim Soo Young Gim Soo Young

Age: 37

Birthday: February, 26, 1987

Nationality: South Korea

Height: 171 CM

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Kim Soo Young is a South Korean comedian. He graduated from Daesung High School and later obtained a bachelor's degree in Comedy Acting from the Seoul Arts College. He made his debut as part of the 26th open recruitment for comedians at KBS in 2011 and appeared in several segments of "Gag Concert". He used to be a ssireum wrestler during his middle school and high school days and was agile enough to win several competitions. Many in his family thought he will become a professional wrestler but he surprised them one day when he decided to become a comedian. He has struggled with his weight since he was young going from 168 to 98 kilograms after appearing on "The Last Healthy Boy" but going up and down since then. In 2022, he married his non-celebrity girlfriend who is 8 years younger than him.

(Source: Korean = Namu Wiki)

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