Kim Jeong Tae (1972)

Kim Jeong Tae (1972)

Other Name: 김정태 김태욱 Gim Jeong Tae Kim Jung Tae Gim Jung Tae Kim Tae Wook Gim Tae Wook

Age: 52

Birthday: December, 13, 1972

Nationality: South Korea

Height: 185 CM

He made his acting debut in 1999 with the film The Uprising under his birth name Kim Tae Wook. In 2006, he started going by his current stage name Kim Jung Tae. Best known as a supporting actor, he was often typecast in antagonistic roles, mostly as gangsters, loan sharks, and other such villains.

Kim Jung Tae drew praise in 2010 when he played the leading role in the 25-minute short film Remember O Goddess, a film noir involving memory loss. That same year, audiences first got a taste of his comical side in He's on Duty.

In 2014, he and his son Kim Ji Hoo appeared on The Return of Superman, a reality show that follows celebrity fathers who take over caring for their children for a few days while their wives are away. They were originally guest stars in his friend Jang Hyun Sung's segment on episodes 20 and 21, but netizens liked Ji Hoo for his bright and happy personality and asked to see more of him. On episode 21, Kim Jung Tae said that he calls Ji Hoo by the nickname "Yakkung" because while playing peekaboo (kkakkung in Korean) with him as a baby, Ji Hoo would not answer to kkakkung, but to yakkung. They officially became cast members on episode 25.

Kim Jung Tae was later heavily criticized for bringing Ji Hoo while publicly campaigning for Na Dong Yeon of the Saenuri Party, who ran for Yangsan city mayor in South Gyeongsang Province in the local elections on June 4, 2014. His wife, Jeon Yeo Jin responded that the family was just on a "picnic" and that she and her son had just stopped by to say hello to Na, who is an old friend of her husband. Yet due to mounting criticism that a child had seemingly been exploited for political means, His agency, SidusHQ, announced a week after the incident that he and his son had chosen to leave the program The Return of Superman.

(Source: Asiacue, Wikipedia)

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