Kim Hyeon Soo (Forte di Quattro) (1987)

Kim Hyeon Soo (Forte di Quattro) (1987)

Other Name: 김현수 Gim Hyeon Soo Kim Hyun Soo Gim Hyun Soo

Age: 37

Birthday: January, 12, 1987

Nationality: South Korea

Height: 185 CM

Kim Hyun Soo is a South Korean singer and member of the crossover group, "Forte di Quattro". He graduated with a bachelor's degree and, later, a master's degree in Vocal Music from Seoul National University. He is a tenor who gained attention after appearing in season 1 of "Phantom Singer" and later won the competition with "Forte di Quattro".

(Source: Korean = Namu.Wiki)

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