Kil Byeong Min (Letteamor) (1994)

Kil Byeong Min (Letteamor) (1994)

Other Name: 길병민 Gil Byeong Min Kil Byung Min Gil Byung Min

Age: 30

Birthday: February, 17, 1994

Nationality: South Korea

Height: 182 CM

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Gil Byeong Min is a South Korean bass baritone, musical actor and leader and also maknae of the crossover group Letteamor. He graduated from Sunhwa Arts High School and later obtained a bachelor's degree in Vocal Music from Seoul National University. He was at the top of his class in college and was recognized for his strong appeal and outstanding skills early on. He was selected in the World Young Artist category, awarded to promising artists, and received the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award. From 2012 to 2013 he was part of the UAngel project and in 2014 he joined Ecclesia. He also won international competitions in France in 2016 and in Russia and the United States, both in 2019. He made his opera debut in Florence, Italy with a role in "Rigoletto" and in 2020 returned to South Korea and entered "Phantom Singer 3" where he was grouped with 3 other singers, forming Letteamor, and earning 3rd place. In 2022 he began expanding his singing career by appearing in the musical "Elisabeth".

(Source: Korean = Namu Wiki)

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