Kido Ma (1998)

Kido Ma (1998)

Other Name: 马思超 馬思超 Ma Si Chao Ma Kido Кидо Ма

Age: 26

Birthday: July, 09, 1998

Nationality: China

Height: 0 CM

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Ma Si Chao (English name: Kido) is a Chinese model and actor born in Beijing. Being an exchange student in middle school, he had brief experiences of studying in Singapore and Germany. While studying at Rutgers School of Business, USA, majoring in business, he was often invited for photo shots by street photography websites, major fashion brands and media. He officially entered showbiz in 2016 with his debut appearance in his first movie "Reverse Life". In April 2019, he was ranked 85th in the LikeTCCAsia China's "100 Most Beautiful New Faces".

He is in a relationship with Huayi Brothers Founder Wang Zhong Lei's eldest daughter and Chinese director Vivian Wang.

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