Mimi Ruethaiphat Phatthananapaphangkorn (1997)

Mimi Ruethaiphat Phatthananapaphangkorn (1997)

Other Name: มีมี่ ฤทัยภัทร พัทธนนปภังกร กัลยรัตน์ ขัติยะ Mimi Kanyarat Katthiya Kanyarat Khatya

Age: 27

Birthday: January, 13, 1997

Nationality: Thailand

Height: 0 CM

Mimi Ruethaiphat is a Thai-Swiss model and actress. She graduated from Rangsit University in the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality, Aviation Business branch. She was first seen as a finalist of the Mineré Wink Girl, Young Wow (มิเนเร่ สาววิ้ง) season 2 contest. She officially entered the entertainment industry with The Face Thailand Season 5, on Team Gina-Bank. She has since worked on several ad campaigns (Thai, Scottish, and Hong Kongese) and several Ch. 3 dramas. She is currently working full-time in the entertainment industry.

(Source: Instagram; DaraDaily; Youtube; Campus-Star)

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