Kamenashi Kazuya (1986)

Kamenashi Kazuya (1986)

Other Name: 亀梨和也 かめなし かずや 가메나시 가즈야 龜梨和也 龟梨和也 Kazuya Kamenashi Камэнаси, Кадзуя คาเมนาชิ คาซูยะ

Age: 38

Birthday: February, 23, 1986

Nationality: Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan

Height: 175 CM

Kamenashi Kazuya, often referred to as Kame, is a Japanese actor and idol from Edogawa, Tokyo. He joined the Japanese talent agency Johnny's at age 12.

In 2002, he and five others formed the Johnny’s Juniors group KAT-TUN who are still active to this day. He has starred in dramas and movies consistently since 2005.

At first, KAT-TUN was only meant to be backing dancers; however, due to the immense popularity, they debuted in 2006 with the single ‘Real Face’ which that year broke one million sales.

Before his debut with KAT-TUN, Kamenashi had acted in several dramas already. The most popular of which being ‘Nobuta Wo Produce’ (2005) during which was formed the temporary duo Shuji to Akira with him and Yamashita Tomohisa singing the theme song 'Seishun Amigo'. The single was a massive success and broke one million sales in 2005. Kamenashi won 47th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Actor for Nobuta wo Produce and 'Seishun Amigo' won the Japan Gold Disc Awards: Song of the Year.

Kamenashi has acted in several dramas with the members of KAT-TUN. Most notably 'Gokusen 2' (2005) with Akanishi Jin and 'Tatta Hitotsu no Koi' (2006) with Tanaka Koki. Both Akanashi and Tanaka have now left KAT-TUN, Akanashi in 2010 and Tanaka in 2013. During spring 2016, the third member to leave was Taguchi Junnosuke, which made KAT-TUN now have three members: Kamenashi Kazuya, Ueda Tatsuya, and Nakamaru Yuichi. Despite the struggles the group has faced, as of their 10th anniversary, they still have managed to have every album and single reach number one in the Oricon charts in its first week.

Many of Kamenashi's dramas and films use KAT-TUN's songs as their theme/end credit songs. Kamenashi wrote his solo 'Kizuna' for 'Gokusen 2'. Tamaki Koji and Kamenashi teamed up as a temporary duo 'Hottake BAND' to create the theme song 'Sayonara☆Arigato' for 'Tokyo Bandwagon' (2013) which topped the Oricon Weekly chart.

Kamenashi made his cinematic debut reprising his role as Odagiri Ryu from 'Gokusen 2' (2005) in 'Gokusen: The Movie' (2009). As a departure from TV spin-offs, Kamenashi starred in the bizarre comedy, thriller ‘Ore, Ore’. The film premiered at the Udine, Italy for Far East Film Festival in April 2013 and won the ‘My Audience Award’.

Aside from his activities with KAT-TUN and acting in dramas and films, Kamenashi is known as a workaholic. He hosts a weekly radio show ‘Kamenashi Kazuya no Hang Out’ and has regular segments in multiple magazines. Also, as a known baseball fan, he is a reporter/MC on the weekly sports and news show ‘Going!’, MC on the monthly show ‘Kamenashi Kazuya no Sports Tengoku Ouen Sukininaru’, and commentator on ‘Dramatic Game’.

Kamenashi has also appeared in several stage productions. He was a dancer/supporting role in 'Dream Boys' from 2000 to 2004 and then had a lead role from 2007 to 2009 and then again in 2011 and 2012. In 2015, he starred in the stage production 'Aoi Shushi wa Taiyo no Naka ni Aru' by acclaimed theater director Ninagawa Yukio.

He was named "Kazuya" after one of the characters from a famous Japanese Baseball manga, "Touch". He was a baseball player in the senior league until his first year of middle school, after he passed Johnny's Entertainment auditions and decided to become serious about performing. He even represented Japan in World Championships as a child. After debuting with KAT-TUN, Johnny Kitagawa wanted to support Kame in his baseball, and so he became the leader of a sub-unit called "Tigers Jnr.", and supported the Hanshin Tigers, and was also a pitcher during the Johnny's Entertainment Baseball Tournament. Later, he began working as a baseball sports newscaster for Going!Sport&News in 2010. Since then he has also worked with a variety of other affiliated baseball commentary programs.

As of August 2020, Kamenashi has been severely reprimanded by Johnny & Associates due to proven allegations of drinking with underage girls in a group setting with Yamashita Tomohisa on July 30th, 2020. Both he and Yamashita claim to have not known their ages. Unlike Yamashita, Kamenashi has not been suspended from acting/singing, but he has to write an apology letter for his reckless behavior.

December 26, 2020 it was announced that the release of Kame to YamaP's first album "SI" has been cancelled.

KAT-TUN celebrated it's 15th anniversary on March 22, 2021.

He will release his second solo single "Cross" on August 18, 2023 after 4 years.

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