Jump Pisitpol Ekaphongpisit (2000)

Jump Pisitpol Ekaphongpisit (2000)

Other Name: จั๊มพ์ พิสิฐพล เอกพงศ์พิสิฐ Jump Pisitpon Ekpongpisit Джамп Писитпон Экапонписит

Age: 24

Birthday: September, 27, 2000

Nationality: Thailand

Height: 0 CM

Zodiac sign: Libra

"Jump" Pisitpol Ekaphongpisit is an actor under MChoice Artist Management. He's studying towards his bachelor's degree in the Faculty of Liberal Arts of Thammasat University.

Jump made his acting debut as "Job" in the second season of Love By Chance, A Chance to Love.

Jump is a singer and is currently the lead vocalist in the band "Evening Sunday" with members Save, Best, Nu, and Gungun. They released their first single, "Ordinary Friend", an OST of Jump's upcoming series, on May 4, 2022. He also covers songs which he uploads to his YouTube channel.

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